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Rockpoint Logistics Services

Transportation Management

When you work with Rockpoint Logistics, you get all the benefits of our day-in, day-out expertise in the transportation of small and large shipments alike. Our technological capabilities, combined with significant shipment volumes, give us a unique ability to drive efficiency and cost savings that benefit you directly.

Through our deep transportation industry relationships, we can configure a transportation solution that fits your particular needs and integrates seamlessly into your business operations.

Your Rockpoint client services team works closely with you to ensure expert coordination of your shipments and to manage your day-to-day business, identifying alternative means of shipping and designing tailored solutions that drive down your cost of goods sold. We manage your bottom line for you.

Rockpoint Logistics can manage all facets of your inbound and outbound transportation needs, both domestically and abroad. Our carrier network can move your products wherever you need them to go. We ship your inventory using every transportation mode available − parcel post, small package, LTL or truckload. Whether you are moving your merchandise on the ground, in the air or on the water, we have a transportation solution to meet your needs.

Get the right solution every time:

  • Best combination of price and service
  • Delivery to your customers across the globe
  • International inbound and outbound consolidation programs
  • Service level audits
  • Over one million packages shipped per year
  • Detailed reporting and analysis to help you understand your transportation spend