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Inventory Management

Your bottom line depends on your ability to manage inventory in a way that keeps adequate product in stock while avoiding a build up of merchandise on the shelves.

At Rockpoint Logistics, it’s our goal to manage your inventory levels to reduce on-hand quantities while at the same time ensuring the stock you need is available. To minimize expense, we continually review your usage history and recommend optimal reorder levels. We also establish a break-even point at which we print digitally as opposed to using web offset or sheet fed print processes. What’s more, our assembly team can support your inventory postponement strategy by assembling kits as needed, reducing your investment in inventory.

You’ll also benefit from our ongoing re-warehousing and tiered storage pricing methodology. We continually monitor your inventory levels and move your products to less expensive storage locations − at no additional expense. This ensures that your inventory is stored in the most economical way for you.

Rockpoint Logistics Inventory Management