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Operations Excellence

Operations excellence begins with a commitment to performance throughout an entire organization. Starting with order and inventory accuracy and continuing to on-time performance and team training, Rockpoint’s total quality control program not only prevents errors, it also ensures that each customer receives their product accurately and on time, every time.

In order fulfillment, our quality controls monitor the integrity of our clients’ data all the way through the fulfillment of each order. Our warehouse management system performs automated quality control checks on all order streams to ensure data consistency and accuracy. In addition, each product stored in our facility has an electronic footprint, captured at the time of receipt. All orders are systematically verified against the product footprint for weight and accuracy before reaching their final staging locations.

Random quality control checks are performed on over 30% of our clients’ packages to ensure accuracy. Daily metrics are reviewed by experienced, quality control personnel to identify any trends or concerns that may require immediate corrective action. This comprehensive quality process has helped us achieve a near-perfect, 100% accuracy rate on all orders shipped.

To ensure those high standards continue to be met every day, during every shift, our people undergo extensive training on key processes and procedures. That’s because we understand that a commitment to quality is not about words, and it’s not about checks and balances. It’s about getting the job done right. It’s about delivering results. That’s our commitment to you, and it’s what we do every day.

Rockpoint Logistics Services