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About Rockpoint Logistics

Environmental Commitment

Working with as many paper products as we do — and maintaining a large and active facility to manage those products — all of us at Rockpoint Logistics are keenly aware of the environmental footprint we leave on the planet.

That’s why we’re always taking substantive steps to lessen that footprint. It all starts with a large recycling program that sends many tons of paper and wood back to be reconstituted every year. Our facility — including our warehouse, print shop and offices — are equipped with the most modern, energy-efficient equipment. We even use motion-activated lighting throughout our workplace.

In addition, the transportation carriers we partner with have been recognized for their green practices and are members of the SmartWay® transportation partnership. Together, our aim is not just to make your supply chain as positive as possible for your bottom line; it’s to make sure the environmental profits from our efforts, too.

Rockpoint Logistics Environmental Commitment