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Management/Our Leadership

Mark Granzin
Director of Operations & Client Services

Mark has more than 20 years of senior management experience. Prior positions included Chief Operating Officer of Custom Fulfillment Services, senior executive positions in both fulfillment and e-Commerce companies, and the head of IT for a division of AON. With a proven track record, he has consistently improved processes and used technology effectively to increase productivity and reduce operating expenses. He enjoys travel by cruise ship with his wife, and building stringed musical instruments in his spare time.

Patrick Husk
Operations Manager - DC Fulfillment

Patrick has 10+ years of Operational Experience. Team building, professional development and process improvement are key beliefs for Patrick. Through empowering and educating, employees become more deeply engaged in the business strategy, resulting in goal attainment and higher customer satisfaction. A dedicated family-man, Patrick enjoys spending time with his wife and children and being in the company of good friends.

Roman Barykin
Manager, Supply Chain Information Systems

Roman has 17+ years of Supply Chain IT experience implementing and supporting Warehouse Management Systems, primarily JDA's (formerly RedPrairie) WMS as well as Swisslog WMS. Throughout his carrier Roman proved to be an excellent resource and made a great impact at the companies he worked for, such as Kellogg, Baxter, Skill-Bosch, RedPrairie and a number of its customers. At the leisure time Roman enjoys spending time with his friends and family.

Our leadership team has an average of more than 20 years experience in the logistics industry. So they're deeply experienced in designing and providing customized business solutions tailor-fit to your business needs.